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Kream and Emmanuelle Length 28:11 Starring: Emmanuelle, Kelly Summer, Kream Pictures: 75
Two horny girls having fun with me ;)
Kelly Shower Length 13:26 Starring: Kelly Summer Pictures: 64
Hi evreyone it's Kelly! I just came back from a bar with my friends and am going to take a shower! I dont know if it's cause i flirt all night but when i come back i always feel like masturbating!!
Kream Length 25:23 Starring: Kelly Summer, Kream Pictures: 110
Hi everybody, I know it's been a long time, So I thought I'd give you a little treat. I really wanted to show my new black hair, alot of people told me it was nice but I prefer myself as a blond. This week Kream will be the blond one, See her fuck me with her big Strap-On and make sure to watch the whole thing . Enjoy!
Angel Kelly Length 17:56 Starring: Kelly Summer Pictures: 36
Hi evreyone! This week something strange happend. I was in a room with clouds all over the walls, dressed up like and angel, having fun with my doldos and after I came I woke up on a couch... Mabey I hade a dream...Or mabey I didint...
i got brand new titties for you ;) Length 12:13 Starring: Kelly Summer Pictures: 29
Hey guys! I have a BIG surprise for you this week! Yes i got brand new titties!! They're big, they're firm and I got them just for you!! I'm all by myself but I got my Sybian Machine and I can't wait to sit on it! Im gonna ride this machine and make my big new tits bounce in your face!
I decided to have a little fun Length 16:12 Starring: Kelly Summer Pictures: 66
Hey guys! today it's raining outside and I was bored so I decided to have a little fun with things I found in my fridge! In other words I try to became a vegetarian...but only for today!
Isabella Russ and Melissa Doll Length 25:41 Starring: Isabella Russ, Kelly Summer, Melissa Doll Pictures: 42
Hey guys! Last night me and my girlfriends, Isabella Russ and Melissa Doll fell asleep after watching porn. It really inspired our dreams! We all woke up with our pussies so wet, we just couldn't resist each other... we had to take out the strap-ons!
Dixie Length 27:36 Starring: Dixie, Kelly Summer Pictures: 55
Hi guys! Today I'm with Dixie, a very good friend of mine. I'm sure you guys will really like her tight ass and perfect tits! She's the type that looks like a good girl but really is a little slut! Thats probably why we get along so well... Thanks for the good fuck Dixie!
Kate Klimax Length 31:39 Starring: Kate Klimax, Kelly Summer Pictures: 41
Hi everyone, This week I'm with Kate Klimax. I never knew this good friend of mine liked sex so much! I always thought she was sexy and i've been dying to eat her pussy and her nice little ass. I guess it's only the beginning of a new kind of friendship!
Today I Get Double Fucked By My Friend's Nick Nude And Jason! Length 22:50 Starring: Kelly Summer Pictures: 41
Hey everyone! This week I'm with my two good friend Nick Nude and Jason. Every time I see these guys, we end up having a real blast! These guys are made of muscle and testosterone, and there's nothing better then getting fucked by the both of them...especially at the same time! I just love the feeling of being fucked by two hot studs!

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